The Process

Vanuatu citizenship application is a relatively easy and pain-free procedure. Here’s how Vanuatu Hope Investments can help you gain Vanuatu citizenship.

Vanuatu Citizenship Application Process

The Vanuatu citizenship application process is relatively simple and pain-free. Applicants make a donation to the Vanuatu government, which helps to build the economy and sustainable development within the country. In return, applicants receive citizenship and all the benefits that entails. With the help of Vanuatu Hope Investments, you will receive full support and guidance throughout the process. 

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Application to Vanuatu Citizenship Within 2 Months

There are a number of steps which need to be undertaken in order for an applicant to successfully gain citizenship in Vanuatu.

1. FIU Check

FIU stands for Financial Intelligence Unit, a Vanuatu government body. This initial check determines whether you are eligible to proceed with your application. The FIU is linked to Interpol and will investigate whether any financial or legal issues may impede you from becoming a Vanuatu citizen, such as legal cases, court orders or criminal activity.

In order to undertake this step, the applicant requires:

2. FIU clearance

Once FIU clearance is granted, the required documents are sent to the Citizenship Commission, along with the appropriate fee. It will take 14-20 days for these documents to be reviewed and passports to be granted. 

3. Oath of Allegiance Ceremony

In order to collect Vanuatu passports, an oath of allegiance must be made.  Traditionally this was either done in Vanuatu, or via official representatives, sent to the applicant’s country of origin. However, due to COVID-19 these ceremonies can now take place via Zoom, with passports sent to new citizens.

A representative from Vanuatu Hope Investments will support you through every step of the process, submitting all documents on your behalf and keeping you updated on progress. Our experienced team can help ensure a quick and efficient review of your documentation and provide hands-on support with the completion of documentation. We have a 100% success rate of clients passing their FIU checks.

For a full list of all required documents, please contact our agents.

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