The Process

Vanuatu citizenship application is a relatively easy and pain-free procedure. Here’s how Vanuatu Hope Investments can help you gain Vanuatu citizenship.

Vanuatu Citizenship Application Process

Applicants make a donation to the Vanuatu government, which helps to build the economy and sustainable development within the country. In return, applicants receive citizenship and all the benefits that entails. With the help of Vanuatu Hope Investments, you will receive full support and guidance throughout the process. 

Aside from the two separate fees, all that is needed from you as an applicant is collecting and providing your agent with the necessary documentation. There are three separate checks that take place in two separate stages, each requiring their own sets of documents. Contact your nearest agent for a list of documents needed.

Establish contact with your nearest agent

Contact the government authorized agent nearest you. Your agent will provide you with a list of necessary documents, further explain the citizenship through investment process, and guide you through every stage of the process until you have been granted Vanuatu citizenship and receive your Vanuatu passport.

Digital documentation, FIU due diligence payment, FIU and bank checks

Provide your agent with the digital documents needed for your FIU check, pay your FIU due diligence fee, and wait for your FIU and bank checks to come back clear. It is recommended that you provide your agent with the physical documents required for your citizenship check while waiting for your FIU and bank checks to be finalized.

Physical documentation and citizenship payment

Once you have passed your FIU and bank checks, your agent will be responsible for receiving all physical documents and sending them via courier to Vanuatu. At this stage, you will pay the second and final fee- the actual citizenship through investment fee itself.

Citizenship granted and citizenship ceremony

Once your physical documents arrive in Vanuatu, the government agencies responsible for granting citizenship will ensure that all documentation is sufficient. After verifying that all information provided is accurate, you will be granted your citizenship and will be given a date to participate in the ‘swearing in’ ceremony. Don’t worry, you will not have to travel to Vanuatu for this if you don’t want to. The ceremony is usually conducted over Zoom or another online, telecommunication network.

Passport received and process is finished

A few weeks after the swearing in ceremony has been completed, your Vanuatu passport will be generated and sent to you via courier. At this point you’re finished and can congratulate yourself on securing your new Vanuatu citizenship and Vanuatu passport!

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