Required Documents Per Person

1: Copy of Passport

2: Copy of ID

3: Birth Certificate

4: Marriage Certificate

5: Police Clearance


6: Medical Certificate

7: Curriculum Vitae

8: Proof of Assets – (250,000 USD+ )

9: Bank Statement OR Bankers Reference

10: Passport photos – 6 passport photos


First an FIU check is conducted before the documents are given to the Citizenship Commission. The client must provide a copy of the client’s passport, police clearance from state of origin and their curriculum vitae. At this stage the client must pay a non refundable fee of AUD 7,000.

Once the client has had a successful result from the FIU check, they must provide the documents listed below along with the prescribed fee as specified above. It takes 14-20 days from the lodgement date of the application to when the passports are printed and ready for collection.


In order to collect your passport you must take your Oath of Allegiance. You can elect to do this in Vanuatu (the father and mother can travel to Vanuatu and collect the passports on behalf of their children). Or a Government appointed Commissioner of Oaths and a passport officer can travel to the country where you reside or desire to receive your passports. The Commissioner of Oaths performs the Oath of Allegiance and the Passport Officer hand-delivers you the passports.

Due to Covid 19, Citizenship ceremonies are currently being performed over Zoom. You do not need to leave your country of residence to attain a second passport.

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