Frequently Asked Questions

Vanuatu allows dual citizenship, you can maintain your current citizenship whilst also gaining a Vanuatu passport. Vanuatu offers very flexible citizenship, with no restrictions and no requirements on residing or visiting. There are many benefits to Vanuatu citizenship, which you can read more about on our ‘Why Vanuatu

For full details on the process and cost of applying for Vanuatu citizenship, please see our Process and FEEs list

Currently, Vanuatu citizens can enter a total of 115 countries without a visa.

Becoming a Vanuatu citizen is relatively undemanding. Only a very small number of countries are not eligible for the Development Support Program. Therefore, the key requirements are:

– A clear criminal record

– Assets of $250,000 USD

There is no language or citizenship test and it is no longer even necessary to travel to the country to pick up your passport or complete the citizenship ceremony. Since COVID-19 has impacted travel, it is now possible to undergo the ceremony online or within your own country. The passport will then be sent to you via DHL.

Citizenship applications are rarely rejected, with the main reasons for rejection being any failure to meet specific requirements. For example, the primary reasons for failed applications are: 

– Providing false or inaccurate documentation 

– Trying to apply with a criminal record 

– Trying to apply from a blacklisted country

**Blacklisted countries include Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Iran, North Korean

A dependent is anyone who is:
– Children under 18 years of age.
– Resident dependent children aged 18 – 25 years.
– Resident dependent parents aged 60 + years.

 The main investor can add anyone falling into this category to their citizenship application. It is also possible to add a parent or a child at a later date, after receiving citizenship. The discounted fees still apply, however there is an additional AUD 14,000 administrative fee. Vanuatu does not recognise relationships outside of legal marriage. An official marriage certificate is required for all spouses applying alongside the main applicant.

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