Government Licensed Citizenship Support

Vanuatu Hope Investment Consulting – Started by our CEO, Nazario Flakaifonu, VHIC began as a word-of-mouth citizenship agency. VHIC has grown to become and international company, with dozens of agents all over the globe assisting individuals like yourself to obtain Vanuatu citizenship, a Vanuatu passport, and all of the benefits that come with being able to call yourself a Vanuatuan.

Why choose us?

Vanuatu Hope Investments Consulting, or VHIC, is a firm dedicated to helping people make sustainable investments in and across the islands of Vanuatu. Our passion is in supporting the successful development of Vanuatu whilst supporting our client’s wishes. One of the key investments we support is in citizenship, helping individuals and families gain second passports.

VHIC Goes Beyond
Along with getting Vanuatu citizenship and a Vanuatu passport, VHIC can also help you purchase property, establish a business and obtain a business license, help provide you with investment opportunities, and much more!
Every agent working with VHIC is government authorized. Your private and personal information will never be misplaced or misused. Your privacy is just as important to us as it is to you.
A Strong Network
VHIC is a highly connected company with an established, influential network of people. When you work with VHIC, you are also working with the influential, established group of capable workers we have developed.
24/7 Assistance
No matter the time of day or day of the week, your government authorized agent will be ready and willing to help you. If you have concerns, questions, or simply want to receive an update, our agents are simply a call or message away.


Meet Nazario Fiakaifonu, the CEO of VHIC. As a successful Ni-Vanuatu businessman and sportsman, Nazario plays a beneficial and impactful role in communities throughout Vanuatu. After obtaining a degree in Business and Management from the University of New Caledonia, he took a position with AJC, a prolific Vanuatu based audit, accounting, and business advisory firm. After parting with AJC, he started a number of his own businesses, including a construction company and an internationally accredited security firm which still services embassies, hotels, resorts, and private companies to this day. His business endeavors gave him broad experience in business management and development. 

As a sportsman, Nazario has represented Vanuatu nationally at the Olympic games and various other sporting events. He is still involved as Vice President of the Vanuatu Judo Federation in a voluntary capacity. He is also part of a charitable association, V-Lab Vanuatu, which works to support and expand innovation and social entrepreneurship in Vanuatu.

Image of Nazario Fiakaifonu shaking hands with a Vanuatu Minister

Nazario Fiakaifonu

Our Sustainability Ethos

Here at VHIC, we are dedicated to keeping the integrity of the natural Vanuatuan habitat and environment. It is our goal to support, advance, and promote businesses and companies that are environmentally sustainable. While we will provide assistance to all persons wishing to start businesses in Vanuatu, there are some exceptions. VHIC will not support the creation of any companies that harm the Vanuatuan environment and natural habitat, such as coal mining and oil drilling. As long as your business plan does not harm the Vanuatuan environment, VHIC will help you establish your business and receive your business license. If your business aims to help stimulate the Vanuatuan economy, it is VHIC’s chief desire to not only help you start your business and receive your business license, but also to help you by supporting and encouraging you along the way. Businesses that ‘help sustain the Vanuatuan economy’ are business that help Vanuatu in ways such as, but not limited to: promoting Vanuatuan culture, encouraging tourism to the Nation of Vanuatu, employing Ni-Vanuatuans, using natively sourced materials while establishing your business, help to protect the natural habitat and environment surrounding Vanuatu, and much more!

"Balance between the social, environmental and economic pillars of sustainable development, with our cultural heritage as the foundation of an inclusive society."

To build with purpose
VHIC seek to work on projects which, by satisfying tourist demand, can also be of benefit to the local economy.
To operate locally
We are committed to using local labour and supporting local job creation. Where possible we use locally sourced materials, for example in our building projects.
Create Respectfully
Our company was founded by and for the Ni-Vanuatu people. We are ultimately founded on Vanuatu’s values and culture and they inform our decision making.
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