Here at Vanuatu Hope Investment Consulting, we strive to help every single person realize a better way of life with Vanuatu citizenship – a citizenship that, once granted, is yours for the rest of your life! Contact us now to learn how you can not only obtain the peace of mind that comes with the security a second nationality and passport can provide, but also access keys to the world, enabling you to access to over 90 countries while traveling visa free and over 220 countries in total. As a tax haven nation, Vanuatu citizenship also enables you to secure your assets without ever having to pay a single tax for any reason. That’s right, Vanuatu citizenship also provides you freedom from taxation.


At VHIC, you can rest assured that you will receive your Vanuatu citizenship and Vanuatu passport in record time. As long as all of the information you provide your government authorized agent is accurate, and both fees are paid on time, nothing can stop you from receiving Vanuatu citizenship through investment. If all documentation is gathered and given to your government authorized agent in a timely manner, we guarantee that you will receive your Vanuatu citizenship and have your Vanuatu passport processed within 2-3 months. Lastly, VHIC vows to ensure that all information provided to us by you from your government authorized agent will be kept strictly confidential.


24/7 assistance by authorized government agents


Trust worthy & completely confidential

Vanuatu investment citizenship overview

Vanuatu’s ‘Citizenship Through Investment’ program, created by the Vanuatuan government in 2017, is the fastest way to secure a second citizenship and passport for you and your family. In fact, getting Vanuatu citizenship and a Vanuatu passport has never been easier. Investment for citizenship means exactly what it says: you make an investment to the nation of Vanuatu in order to help stimulate their economy and, following a series of checks ensuring you are who you claim to be and that your assets are clean, you are rewarded with Vanuatua citizenship along with a Vanuatu passport. Vanuatua citizenship is guaranteed for life!


Aside from the two separate fees, all that is needed from you as an applicant is collecting and providing your agent with the necessary documentation. There are three separate checks that take place in two separate stages, each requiring their own sets of documents. Contact your nearest agent for a list of documents needed.

Establish contact with your nearest agent
Digital documentation, FIU due diligence payment, FIU and bank checks
Physical documentation and citizenship payment
Citizenship granted and citizenship ceremony
Passport received and process is finished



A clean police background check in the country where you currently reside


You must have clean assets of at least $250,000

Yes, these are the only requirements you must meet!


When it comes to Vanuatu citizenship and the accompanying Vanuatu passport, there are just two fees you will be responsible for. Both fees will be paid by you directly to the National Bank of Vanuatu (NBV), meaning there will be no middle-man involvement and the government authorized agent assisting you will never be touch your money. The first fee is for your FIU (Financial Intelligence Unit) check, enabling the government of Vanuatu to validate all financial documents and information you have provided. This fee is 7,500AUD per applicant group. Once your FIU check comes back clean, it’s time for you to pay the second and final fee, the investment for citizenship payment. The cost of your investment is determined by the number of people applying (the size of your ‘applicant group’). Please contact your nearest agent to learn the investment fee for the number of people you wish to include in your application.

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